Use Of Bamboo Sheets As A Bedding Product

Bamboo is usually used to make furniture or as an indoor plant in offices or homes. You might also have noticed the use of bamboo floorings. It is the right choice for use as a textile material for its soft and hypoallergenic properties. The nature of bamboo makes it ideal for the manufacture of bedding products. Read reviews on snoozy monk bedding products. Here are the things you must know about bamboo sheets used as a bedding material.

Different Types of Bamboo Fiber Used As Bedding Material
Bamboo is a plant that is harvested for its fiber. It is usually mixed with sodium hydroxide to remove the fiber from the plant. Now the fiber is bleached and dried for the manufacture of various textile products. Three different types of bamboo fabric are available on the market. They mainly vary based on the manufacturing process.

Viscose or Bamboo Rayon: This type of bamboo fabric is silky and soft. A chemical process is carried out in the manufacture of bamboo rayon. Here the plant fiber is dissolved in a viscose solution. Rayon-based bamboo fabric posses some of the properties of silk. Rayon fabrics are used in the manufacture of various types of bedding products.

A closed-loop mechanical process is carried out to produce organic rayon. This process is of low impact on the environment. Organic rayons are highly durable and last for several years.

Tencel Bamboo: This is an eco-friendly bamboo fabric manufactured using the lyocell process. Non-toxic solvents are used to regenerate the fiber from the bamboo plant. It follows a sustainable manufacturing process with less water consumption and minimizing waste. This fabric is called a bamboo lyocell in the market.

Bamboo Linen: This is a popular bamboo fabric. It is manufactured just like linen fabrics. It is a highly durable fabric but demands maintenance.

Bamboo cotton blend: This bamboo fabric is a blend of bamboo and cotton. It is a mix of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. It is stronger than pure bamboo fabric.

Properties Of Bamboo Beddings
People prefer bamboo fabric for use in bedding products for several reasons. The following unique properties make the bamboo fabric a preferred choice of bedding material.

Possess Antibacterial Property: Bedding products made with bamboo fiber possess antibacterial properties. It contains certain antibacterial elements. Thus your bedding stays free from bacteria and germs.

Absorbs Moisture: Bamboo fiber contains a lot of micro holes and gaps. Thus bamboo bedsheets absorb moisture. This makes it ideal for use as a bedding product.

It is Breathable: Bamboo sheets can absorb sweat. The fabric act as a temperature regulator. This makes you feel breathable and comfortable when using bamboo fabric.

It is Soft: Bamboo fabrics are extremely soft. This makes bamboo bedsheets and other bedding products more comfortable.

It is Organic: Most bamboo fabrics are free from chemicals. This makes it safe and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Fabric Sleep Products
Some of the bedding products available in the market made up of soft bamboo fabric are bamboo mattresses, bamboo mattress toppers, bamboo bed sheets, and many more.