How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Canada?

What Is A Dental Implant?

If you face dental issues such as missing teeth, breakage, etc., dental implants could be the best solution. The other alternatives for dental implants are dentures or partials. The Dental Implants Hamilton procedures are complex; however, the final result will be getting a tooth that resembles and functions like a real tooth. Most implants will be made of Titanium for a strong base. Review the benefits of titanium dental implants here. Dental implants are artificial roots made of metal titanium. With this dental implant, the artificial tooth is attached and serves a real tooth’s functions.

Dental implants are performed mostly by a specialist, known as oral surgeons. They are also known as endodontists who performs root canal procedures.

Eligibility For The Dental Implant Procedure

Every patient is different, and so is the procedure. The dental implant procedure eligibility is decided on each case, and it depends on the patient’s overall health. If a patient has diabetes, the surgeons might wait until the sugar level is under control before deciding on the implant procedure. The surgeon will also consider the patient’s bone density, jaw structure, and many other factors.

What Are The Different Procedures Of Dental Implant?

  • The first procedure is the diagnosis, where your dental specialist will examine the oral health and decide what kind of implants are suitable for you.
  • The patients will be sedated before the surgery.
  • The surgeon will open your jawbone through a small incision and create a small hole through drilling. The implant will be placed in the hole, and the surgeon stitches the gum tissue.
  • After the procedure, the surgeon will advise about how to take care of the implants.

Cost Of Dental Implants

In Canada, for a dental implant procedure, you may incur between $500 to $3500. For a whole oral dental implant, you will incur up to $90000. However, these costs might vary depending on criteria such as

  • Implantation Type
  • The Surgeon
  • Implant material
  • Location of the Surgery
  • Health plans or Dental insurance

For a reasonable dental implant, the cost will be around $3000 after considering the crown material cost and the surgeries.

How To Fund Dental Implants?

If you are a small business owner in Canada, you can use HSA (Health Spending Account). Through their corporation, you can make the cost of dental implants into pre-tax expenses. With HSA, one can be eligible for frequent dental checkups and other health-related expenses such as physiotherapy, licensed massage therapy, prescription glasses, etc. Many people are not aware of the HSA facility. This facility was built to help small business owners manage their dental costs and health. HSA has been proven much more effective than health insurance for costly events such as dental implants in many cases.

Dental implants are the best solution for dealing with chipped teeth, breakages, missing teeth, etc. The implants might be a little costly; however, they give the comfort of a real tooth.

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