Mouse Control: Ways And Techniques

Nobody will want to share their home with a mouse. Not only do they damage the house, but they also carry the risk of spreading diseases. So, it would be best to remove them from your space with effective mouse removal solutions. Learn more here about the various humane and eco-friendly techniques to eliminate mice so that you do not end up feeling guilty. Come on, let us see how.

Humane Ways To Get Rid Of Mice
It is possible to get rid of a mouse infestation at your home without killing them. The most humane yet effective techniques are:

  • Remove the food sources that they like to eat from your space. Make sure to store the foodstuff in properly sealed metal or glass containers. When the food is secure, mice will not walk into your property.
  • Mice make their nests with paper, cardboard, and plastic, so it is a wise move to dispose of the household’s garbage quickly and keep the place tidy. Always remove debris outside the house within a radius of three feet.
  • Block the entry points like tiny holes in the doorways and walls to prevent the mice from entering the house. Stuff the possible vents with materials through which the mice cannot enter.
  • Mice have a strong sense of smell, so using natural mice repellents is the best way to eliminate them. Your options can be essential oils and apple cider to perform the task effectively.
  • Mice will vacate the place if it smells cat urine. So, get a cat for your home. Cats are the best deterrents for the mouse. You can use a simple hack here by getting pure ammonia and leaving it on the corners as soaked cotton balls. Ammonia smells like a predator’s urine which will deter mice.
  • Use live traps without harming the animal. These will allow the mice in and trap them, ensuring that they don’t get out. You can then safely let them out into a place far away from your house.
  • Ultrasonic sound units are an effective method to keep mice away. It is safe to use with kids and pets around the house.

Conventional Strategies To Eliminate Mice

  • Trapping – Live traps are harmless, whereas few other traps kill the mice as they contact them. Traps will reduce the mouse population drastically in a short duration. Wooden traps, bait traps and multiple-capture traps are a few of the varieties here.
  • Baiting – Baits are sealed packets with poison to kill the mice. As mice should get into the poisonous meal, these packet materials are usually paper, plastic or cellophane.
  • Repellents – Professional repellents are ideal for severe mouse infestations. These will get rid of rodents instantly but needs to be encountered in intervals.

Thus, with the above simple and effective ways, you must be able to get rid of mice in your home. No matter what measure you take, ensure that it is safe. If you have other pets and kids at home, take precautionary measures so that the mouse eliminating strategies do not affect them in any way. Try the harmless techniques first, and then if it doesn’t work, move to the others.

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